A one, two, three

Al right listen up everybody,

Got a little something I’d like to talk to y’all about.

something I truly enjoy

Drinkin’ beer

Out on the lake

Got a big ol’ boat

Pickin’ up a wave

It’s a good day to be anywhere

Drinkin’ beer!

Drinkin’ beer

At the Go Kart race

There ain’t nothin puts a silly grin on my face

Like seein’ all that dust just flyin’ in the air

Drinkin’ beer

You know furthermore,

Just to prove to you that I’m a multifacited person,

There’s something else that I truly enjoy Doin’

Drinkin’ beer

Out plowin’ corn

I got me some cold PBR stashed in the barn

I love leanin up against my ol’ John Deere

Drinkin’ beer!

Drinkin’ beer

In a bar

singing country songs, and pickin’ wild guitar

y’all feast your ears on this ol’ boy right here

I’m drinkin’ beer!

Aw, tear it up

Aw drinkin’ beer,

In a mini skirt,

Nah not me fool, I’m talkin’ bout the girls!

look at all these sexy women up in here

drinkin’ beer!

You know as we grow older we tend to change in alot of ways,

I imagine at some point I’ll probably give up my honky tonkin’ days

But I’m just about positive I’ll be

Drinkin’ beer

Out on the porch

In a rockin’ chair with a dog layin’ on the floor

Every now and then

My old lady ll’ walk out there

Drink a beer!

Yeah when I leave this world I hope they all up there

Drinkin’ beer!

Awwwwww haaa